The Power of Animal-Assisted Interventions

Numerous studies have proved the benefits of animal-assisted interventions for school aged children, particularly children on the autistic spectrum, attention deficit, speech and learning difficulty, psychiatric problems, developmental retardation. Animal assisted program is an alternative path for these kinds of students. We believe it is one of the most effective teaching strategies for our students. The schools involved in this project have students with learning disabilities, autistic, special needs, low comprehension capacity, concentration disorder, and psychological illness.

With this project we aim:

1. To build social bridges and educate students with innovative and effective methods, to develop common animal assisted programs for disabled students.

2. To share best practices about animal assisted programs with each other and make comparisons between programs in order to gain more knowledge while discussing the effects on disabled children.

3. To develop curriculum-based animal assisted lesson plans to advance math, literacy skills and other basic skills.

4. To observe the work of animal-assisted therapy centers in partner countries, exploring the various types of animal-assisted therapies and get information from social workers.




Šiauliai sanatorium school, Šiauliai, Lithuania

Šiauliai sanatorium school – is a unique school, because it is the only school in Lithuania of this type. There are 40 teachers and 120 students. The students age ranges from 7 to 16 years old. Just some students live locally and the majority of them are from other cities, towns and villages all over Lithuania. Our school has a dormitory, so students learn, get treatment and live at school.

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Šiauliai sanatorium school educational environments

Siauliai sanatorium school - treatment and rehabilitation


Siauliai city

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Agrupamento de Escolas Vieira de Araújo, Vieira do Minho, Portugal

We are a pre-primary (kindergarten), primary and general/ technical secondary school. We have 1500 students. The school is in the outskirts of a small city in a green and rural area, next to Geres National Park.

Gazikent ilkokulu, Istanbul, Turkey

Gazikent primary school continues its education with 42 teachers, 1200 students and 8 staff. There are 32 classrooms in the school. In our school, reading-writing, Turkish, mathematics, science, music, visual arts and physical education courses are taught.

Opstinsko osnovno uciliste Blaze Koneski, Prilep, Macedonia

”Blaze Koneski ”- Prilep Primary School was Municipality founded, dating back on the 15.07.1987. Ever since, the school achieves great success, following the changes of the time, obtaining visible results that make us proud of. As a primary school with combined education. The school consists of 42 classes, with a total number of 883 students, who follow the lectures in two shifts, and total of 80 employed.

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